Hi! My name is Anna and I’m so happy you’ve joined me here. My life – like many of yours – has been filled with many adventures and stories. The expected and the unexpected. Moments filled with certainty. Moments crippled with doubts. There are times when I’ve been certain I knew everything – only to realize I knew nothing at all. All of us have a collection of stories that make us who we are. They show the ways that the Master Storyteller is at work in our lives.

I’ve had the privilege of living on the other side of the world – meeting and learning from people who were so different from me – yet so much the same. I’ve traveled, worked, learned and grown – and through it all I’ve realized a constant thread remains – grace. As I walk through this journey of life I can see God’s hand of grace at work – or I can ignore it. But each day, I hope to walk more fully into grace knowing it’s the only way to truly see.

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